IFUN Singapore donates to Turkey and Syria earthquake relief efforts

Singapore, February 20, 2023 – IFUN Singapore is saddened and shocked by the news of the recent earthquake to hit Turkey and Syria which has caused tremendous damage and suffering in the region. Our hearts go out to those who suffer in the aftermath of the tragedy.

(Image source: United Daily News)

IFUN Singapore considers itself a corporate company of the world and to support relief efforts in times of need. We immediately contacted Singapore Red Cross and have made a donation in the sum of 65,000 SGD to support ongoing efforts and minimize further suffering and loss of life in Turkey and Syria. We trust in Singapore Red Cross to use donations in providing immediate assistance and to help those in the region rebuild their lives.

(Image source: Reuters News Agency)

IFUN Singapore is committed to helping those in need overcome natural disaster challenges and we stand with them in this trying time of need. We would also like to express gratitude to the first responders and relief workers who are at the epicenter of the crisis and doing all they can to mitigate the loss of life. We applaud their bravery and dedication.

IFUN Singapore will continue to closely follow the situation and explore further ways that we can help.

(Image source: Liberty Times Net)

For media enquiries, please contact Benjamin Zheng (Partnership Manager) at benjamin@ifun.com.sg.

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