IFUN Games CSR Event

Singapore, April 3, 2023 – IFUN Games, leading Game Publisher based in Singapore, organized an employee Beach Cleanup as part of its new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative. More than half of IFUN’s employees volunteered at the event which took place on 31 March 2023 at Changi Beach Park.

The cleanup involved volunteers collecting garbage and debris from Changi Beach Park Area C, the 1300m-long stretch of beach at the East side of the park. A total of 29 participants collected a total of 38 huge bags of trash over a three-hour period on Friday.

The event was a successful effort to clean up the beach while also serving as an educational bonding experience for IFUN volunteers. Spirits were high and many expressed surprise at the amount of trash washed up on the beaches.

“It is tiring, but I’m glad to contribute to the cleaning efforts,” said employee Zen Seah.

”I feel like I’ve saved at least three sea turtles from ocean trash,” said Eileen Keng, Publishing Director of IFUN Games. “Especially as a scuba diving enthusiast, I’m really glad the ocean is cleaner.”

IFUN briefed participants on best practices and safety guidelines at IFUN’s main office prior to the cleanup. Volunteers were provided with gloves, tongs and trash bags in accordance with the guidelines set by the Public Hygiene Council (PHC). The PHC oversees beach and park cleanup events organised independently within Singapore.

“We are quite pleased at the turnout and the good response,” said Michele Tan, HRBP Director of IFUN Games. “We hope that this event serves as a stepping stone towards more involved CSR events at IFUN.”

The Beach Cleanup event was IFUN Games' first organized CSR initiative. The company commits to invest more resources in future CSR programs to create positive impact on society and the environment. IFUN Games will continue to work towards this goal in the future.

For media enquiries, please contact Benjamin Zheng (Partnership Manager) at benjamin@ifun.com.sg.

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