SMS Chee Hong Tat visits IFUN

Singapore, April 28, 2023 – IFUN Games hosted a visit from Mr Chee Hong Tat, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Transport at IFUN’s Singapore Headquarters on 24 April. The meet focused on IFUN’s initiative in spearheading the Artificial Intelligence (AI) gaming industry in Singapore.

Mr Chee and IFUN Games have long shared a common vision to further develop AI knowledge across all industries in Singapore and bolster the country’s competitive advantage.

IFUN Games is a game publisher and developer based in Singapore and is leading Singapore’s AI gaming industry. During the meet, the company demonstrated how AI is already being integrated into every part of the game creation process.

“We use AI tools to go from idea generation to completed assets much faster,” says Mr Ng Yong Hui, Art Director at IFUN Games. “Al allows us to quickly see what works or not for our vision.”

IFUN CEO Mr Su Jian Feng refers to the use of AI technologies such as AI Generated Content (AIGC), AI machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) which are used in creating gaming assets, environments and dialogue. The result is a shortened game development timeline without compromise on quality.

The Senior Minister of State was impressed with the showcase and had a good time interacting with the IFUN staff.

IFUN Games' AI initiatives go beyond game development. During the meet, the game publisher shared its upcoming collaborative joint-AI Gaming research lab with local universities as one of the key ways to cultivate talent in AI gaming.

IFUN CEO Mr Su Jian Feng reiterated the company’s commitment to social responsibility (CSR).

“We see our investment in Singapore as one for the long-term,” said Mr Su. “Naturally we have charity CSR plans. We are also in the process of supporting Singapore’s education and workforce through scholarships and internships.”

This was especially heartening for Mr Chee Hong Tat to hear, who previously held the positions for Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry, and Education.

The company has invested heavily into AI since 2022 to develop more immersive game experiences as AI continues to mature and help creatives realize their visions in a more streamlined manner.

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