IFUN, NAFA To Collaborate

Singapore, May 23, 2023 – IFUN Games, leading Game Publisher in Singapore, hosted a delegation led by Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) Board Chairman Ms Low Sin Leng at IFUN headquarters last Thursday, 18 May, for collaborative talks and future partnerships. The meet was part of IFUN’s larger vision in producing increasingly high-end and immersive Strategy and Leadership Games (SLG) aimed at a global mobile audience.

Ms Low was accompanied by NAFA board member Mr Chew Sin Hwa, Chairman of NAFA Marketing & Sponsorship Committee, Dr Lucy Ooi, Vice President of Corporate Services Ms Carol Tan and Director of Strategic Development Ms Hazel Chan.

The delegation also included Associate Dean of the School of Music, Faculty of Performing Arts, Dr Nellie Seng, as well as representatives from the Corporate Communications Office Ms June Tan (Head) and Ms Jessica Ong (Senior Manager).

IFUN Games introduced their latest in-development world-building SLG, codenamed “Project Z3”, to NAFA delegation. The game developer shared Project Z3’s overall graphic vision, themes, gameplay and user journey as a multi-civilization game.

Throughout the meet, NAFA representatives were impressed with IFUN’s art capabilities. Both parties saw the importance of high-level visuals paired with great sound design in creating truly immersive game experiences.

Good sound design can set the tone of game scenes and provide a sense of presence and immersion by setting the atmosphere and elevating moments of intense gameplay through the use of music, ambience, dialogue and other audio elements.

“We are excited to see what different musical pieces can be done for Z3 to create varied gameplay experiences that are truly captivating,” said one NAFA representative.

IFUN Games is constantly utilizing talents and leveraging on the latest AI developments to build stunning graphic visuals. The developer hopes to work with NAFA’s School of Music in creating dynamic gaming experiences through captivating music compositions. Particularly for Project Z3 having multiple civilizations, different soundstages are crucial to creating varied and diverse game journeys.

"We strongly believe in the atmospheric power of music in gaming, and we are thrilled to explore potential collaborations with NAFA's School of Music," said Publishing Director, Eileen Keng. "By combining our AI gaming technology with NAFA's exceptional talents, we aim to create experiences that will captivate players and leave lasting impact."

The potential collaboration aligns with NAFA's commitment to providing students with real-world experiences and preparing them for the evolving creative landscape. The School of Music works closely with industry leaders, providing collaborative opportunities that empower students to create impactful work.

For media enquiries and partnerships, please contact Benjamin Zheng (Partnership Manager) at benjamin@ifun.com.sg.
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