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  • IFUN Singapore Pte. Ltd. (IFUN), headquartered in Singapore, is one of the world’s quickly emerging online game companies.
    In the development of games, we have been adhering to the concept of continuous innovation to entertain the public and are dedicated to creating a healthy and safe entertainment games platform for players.
    Since our company’s establishment, we have been working tirelessly with passion, responsibility, initiative, and an always happy belief.
    As an online game product provider, we are committed to becoming a comprehensive Internet Company that provides users with high-quality services such as games, entertainment, and tools.
    We create for users based on the corporate spirit of user first, experience first, ambition and down-to-earth all-round happiness.
    Our management philosophy is firmly focused on stimulating creativity, actively improving product quality, strengthening execution and on-going customer care whilst continuously grasping the pulse of the industry and bravely standing at the forefront of technology to meet customer needs and market demands with new and exciting products.
    At IFUN our team is constantly innovating and wholeheartedly forging ahead to provide high-quality products and perfect after-sales service for users worldwide in various industries.

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